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As a popular form of leisure activity, the discussion of video gaming (computer, mobile or play-station) in neuroscience is that video gaming has both positive and negative effects on brain function and structure. The visuospatial cognition and attention seem to benefit the most. Finding and locating objects, shifting spatial attention, keeping items in your visual memory, performing mental rotation, and detecting patterns etc. This also helps to develop the logical thinking and analytical ability. On the other hand, it adversely affects the executive functions, memory and general cognition. So that the grownup children may gradually become mentally retardate. S/he can think a lot but couldn’t take any initiative. It also makes someone unsocial and solitary. Soon s/he attacked by depression that induces him or her to get suicidal decision or lives a heartless life forever.

Under this circumstance if we want to get the benefits only then we should choose some other way of brain developing. There have a lots of brain development games and works besides video gaming. We are trying to find out those and working to make them popular in our country. Our mission is to take some steps to create a dynamic, logical and heartful nation through spreading these kinds of brain development games among children and include these types of games to our education system.

Popular Brain Developement Games

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle,
  2. Rubic’s Cube,
  3. Lego or Building Block


We have started our journey since 2020 during when the Covid pandemic stuck the whole world. Firstly, we choose the Jigsaw Puzzle to work with. Initially that was a pilot project. In first lot we produced 300 pieces of medium size format puzzle that contained three variations each of 100 pcs. quantity and we represent us online on the banner of TownStore“. This step helps us to get the experience of sourcing and manufacturing. In second lot we produced 2700 pieces of medium size format puzzle that contained nine variations each of 300 pcs quantity. This step helps us to do the market analysis.

Hope and Prospects

Without any boosting and promotional activities, we got huge responses in the retail section along with wholesale from various region like Rajshahi, Chittagong etc. From Sylhet, a tea state contact with us to get bulk amount of puzzles for children of the school under that tea state. Even a supplier of BRAC NGO inform us that BRAC called him to do contact with us and let them know, how they could get the puzzles in bulk amount. Yes, these are the corporate feedbacks that we already have got without any promotional activities. But the sadly fact is that then we were not ready to go for bulk production for some reasons of business engagement in our production plant. During this time, we have also tried to analysis the offline wholesale and retail market and it was seemed that the market was unpredictable due to covid pandemic. Actually, we went to the second lot production to get the market analysis and successfully we have got that.

Another information is that recently we have done a meeting with Notredame College. They let us know that there are some educational clubs they have such as Science Club, Math Club etc and they would like to have our puzzle to perform their intra college competition. Even they hopefully said that through the inter college performance our puzzle will be spread among the schools and colleges over the country. But in this case, we must need some sponsors.

Jigsaw Puzzles are highly appealing to children with autism and recommended for them. Those offer opportunities to help children develop their problem-solving skills, and provide visual stimulation. Usually, children with autism think in pictures rather than words, so puzzles offer them a creative outlet for grounding. That’s why we plan to contact with Bangladesh Autism Foundation plus some well-known organizations and schools that work with autism.

There also have a huge prospect of Jigsaw Puzzle in the international market place specially in Middle East, Europe and America.

Limitations and challenges

As an entrepreneur we are so small to do such kind of evolutionary work. Its not only a business but also a constructive social work. It will help to build up the constructive thinking of the nation whereas some others always want to suppress and dominate all of us. Some others always want to make us fool and to loot our wealth. They always make barrier not to make us intelligent. Besides that, our socio-economic circumstance is not readily suitable for any kind of creative initiative. So, we have to make huge campaign under sponsorship of government and non-government organizations and put this Jigsaw Puzzle under a national competitive gaming procedure.

Product Details

Jigsaw Puzzle: It’s a puzzle game regarding any set of varied, irregularly shaped pieces properly assembled and form a picture or map. The puzzle is so named because the picture attached to wood or to paperboard, was cut into its pieces with a jigsaw, which cuts intricate lines and curves. So, it may be made of wood or paperboard.

Our Products: We are manufacturing the paperboard made Jigsaw Puzzle. Initially we are going through six segments of the format. Among them three are with frame that is Small (15 cut-piece), Medium (24 cut-piece), Large (54 cut-piece) and three are without frame (under developing). With-frame category contains a frame within which the cut pieces are assembled and without-frame category doesn’t have any frame and the cut pieces have to assembled on floor or some other media. Besides that, we are ready to take order of customized sizes and designs for corporate clients.

Production Capacity: If we engage our production plant to do the puzzle production dedicatedly then we are able to produce approximately 50000-100000 pcs per month. But in current situation we are able to do 10000-30000 pcs per month.


According to our introductory sayings Jigsaw Puzzle or such kind of brain developing games and activities should necessarily be the part of our children’s day to day life. It’s about our future that as we would sow so we would reap. So, don’t miss the chance of participation in this kind of constructive and evolutionary socio-economic work as being an initiator, sponsor, investor, buyer, reseller, introducer or advertiser or at least well-wisher.

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